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Digital Library of Cinematic Backgrounds

As the world leader in backdrop technology, Rosco has been awarded both an Academy Award® and an Emmy® for their contributions to the feature film and television production industries. Backdrop images and motion plates that we have captured over the years are now available inside a patent-pending ecosystem of interactive background imagery for virtual productions. Each background has been shot at optimal resolution, taking into account the specific image properties required for film and television productions.

Easy To Use Live Action Backdrops

Controlled through a user-friendly mobile app, the RDX LAB® System allows background images to be transformed into a Live Action Backdrop that can easily be manipulated on set. Whether its technical adjustments like altering the brightness, or the contrast of the image, or more artistic changes such as time of day or adding atmospheric effects and moving elements – RDX makes changing the background of your set easy, in real-time on set– giving creative control back to cinematographers and the production design team.
RDX Microsite Feature Makes Virtual

Makes Virtual Production More Accessible

A production wishing to shoot in a virtual environment would need to invest a significant amount of time and money in pre-production to create the visual assets necessary to use on the LED wall. This investment makes it cost-prohibitive for many productions to shoot virtual productions with LED walls. By providing scalable, digital background assets, the RDX LAB® System eliminates much of that pre-production investment. By removing the extensive time and cost currently needed to build virtual environments in pre-production, the RDX System makes shooting inside LED volume stages available to more filmmakers – not just those working on big-budget productions.